Kia ora!


Welcome to my new project, where I share my attempts to plan and deliver fast and nutritious meals to my family each night. I hope that you enjoy the recipes and ideas which I will be sharing each week.

About me

I am a 30-something (OK – verging on 40-something) year old mother to two young girls, aged 4 and 6. Both my husband and I work full time, so each evening is a rush to serve up something tasty and healthy for dinner that can be cooked as quickly as possible.

In order to avoid food wastage and falling back on processed food, I am a big advocate of meal planning. Unfortunately I have learned through trial and error that if the meal is too complicated and takes too much energy, or if it is boring and not tasty, then sometimes I don’t stick to the plan.

This blog is going to be my attempt to plan child friendly, fast and tasty meals for my family. I figure if I’m going to come up with the recipes, I need somewhere to file them for later reference, so I might as well share them with others.

I have loved playing around with food since I was pretty young. As a 13 or 14 year old I would offer to cook meals for my family, trialing recipes and building up a cook book collection before I even left school. The cost to my poor parents was cleaning up the 50 utensils I somehow managed to incorporate into my cooking and then use the line “But I cooked dinner so I’m not doing the dishes!”. These days I am not much of a recipe follower. I tend to get an idea from something I have eaten, or a recipe I have seen and then tweak it to suit the ingredients I am willing to buy and the tastes of my family. Before I had kids I loved throwing dinner and lunch parties, spending all day producing food for a crowd. Now with kids, that is out of the question so the focus now is on food which isn’t boring for the adults, but that kids will eat, and which can be cooked quickly.

What this blog aims to do

  • Avoid wastage by trying to use almost all perishable ingredients in recipes for that week e.g: If one recipe uses half a cauliflower, then the other half will either be used in another recipe, or a suggestion on how you could use it for a lunch or weekend dinner will be offered.
  • Get my girls to try a variety of foods. Miss 6 is great at this (unless it is spicy!), Miss 4 is much fussier.
  • Keep our diet varied and healthy. I have a lucky dip system with a variety of key ingredients which I use to plan the menu each week so we aren’t eating the same thing week in and week out.
  • Make things easy for both you and myself, I figure that I can go back and use and recipes when we are having an awful week and I can’t be bothered dreaming up new ideas.
  • Use seasonal produce – yay for our local Saturday vege market!

What this blog is not:

  • A budget meal blog, or a gourmet cooking blog. The meals will be very much middle of the road. Sometimes there will be some flash ingredients like nice cuts of meat. Other times there will be recipes revolving around cheap ingredients like rice, veges and legumes.
  • Something I am being paid for. Therefore I am allowed to have weeks where sharing recipes is just too much!

Whose keen to join me!?


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